WEF' 22 -
World Economic Forum
Davos, Switzerland
World Economic Forum 2022 Use Case
The World Economic Forum 2022 was held in Davos, Switzerland, from 22 to 26 May 2022. We participated with the starting position that we had produced a market-ready product, Ammer Card, of which we had not yet collected any market data and therefore did not know how our customers, the merchants, as well as our customers, the end consumers, would react to it.
The bar visitors were overwhelmed by the ease and simplicity of our technology. Many of the people present had never done blockchain transactions before, due to the complexity, so they were particularly astounded how quick and easy it was.

As this experience was very impressive for many, we had the privilege of lots WEF visitors spreading the word about Trustody and Ammer Cards on their social channels. In summary, it can be said that our product, the Ammer Card, has been successfully used for payments in retail during World Economic Forum 2022.

The amount of 24,121.75 CHF was spent during these 5 days, by triggering direct crypto-to-crypto transactions in the blockchain. Great synergies were created, and we received positive feedback from consumers.