Crypto Brunch
Zug, Switzerland
Find out here how it all started with a Crypto Brunch every four weeks in Crypto Valley and how it has developed into a large-scale urban project. That's right, we're talking about the first Crypto Brunch, where you could also pay properly with cryptocurrency, or in our case with the Brunch Coin.
The project has developed rapidly and the next goal is to enable the whole city of Zug to accept and manage crypto payments easily. Visitors were excited about the play-to-earn feature, which we tailored specifically to the Crypto Brunch.

By collecting digital bagels on site, attendees received rare NFTs with event invitations, as well as Brunch Coins, which they could subsequently use to get free coffee during brunch.

Crypto-Brunch showed us how the interactive Web3 environment is valued by our community - it connects, activates and inspires!