Ammer Pay
Software point-of-sales terminal to accept payments in various crypto assets
Scan QR by phone camera and download the app
Download from
the QR code
Customer retention
Reduce costs
of customer acquisition
and retention
NFT and Games
Engage with audience
and gamify their shopping experience
Lower fees
Significantly reduce acquiring fees comparing to Visa
and Mastercard
2. Create menus and fill them with items
  1. View orders
3. Manage locations
and devices
4. Choose address
to receive payments
(coming soon)
Merchant platform
  1. Download
Ammer Wallet
Paired with Ammer Wallet
4 easy steps to start your web3 journey
Download Ammer Wallet
and create virtual card
2. Download
Ammer Pay
Download Ammer Pay
and push “Start selling”
3. Connect
it with wallet
Then select “Ammer Wallet
on this device” and push “Open Ammer Wallet to connect”
4. Start selling
Now, you can sell goods
for crypto with Ammer Pay
Want to join us or integrate?